Show notes:

Colombian Supreme coffee from Costco 

Kerrygold Irish Butter (use the unsalted in the coffee)

Writing sample from Fiona:

A methodical crunching sound drew Carrie to a tiny upstairs bedroom at the back of the house. Patrick was nowhere to be found, but their strike leader was there in a heartbeat, also drawn by the rhythmic noise emanating from the room. Through the half-open doorway, Carrie could see a partially open closet, tattered and dusty baby’s clothes hanging haphazardly off broken hangers, and an overturned rocking horse that was more than a little worse for wear. She pulled her .45 from her belt, training it in the general direction of the noise, and nudged the door the rest of the way open with the toe of her boot. She froze at the strike leader’s groan behind her, and the creature hunched on the floor looked up from its dinner of rats, one tail hanging out of the corner of what had once been sensuous, full lips.

The creature jumped atop Carrie before she had a chance to fire, gnawing contentedly on the unfortunate woman’s neck, arterial spray indicating a quickly fatal bite as the dying woman’s screech was cut short. Within minutes, Carrie was in pieces on the carpet of the bedroom, one arm draped over an upended cradle and a lower leg decorating the windowsill. The creature sat in the middle of the carnage, smacking now-scarlet lips happily, before looking up at her husband standing silently on the threshold. She tilted her head curiously at his presence.
The strike leader moved into the room, gingerly stepping around the most recent bloodstains, and carefully pulled her head back into place from its motion-disrupted position before planting a gentle kiss on the waxen forehead.

“Made…. Mess….” She frowned at the macabre scene around her, sucking blood from her hands finger by finger.
“That’s okay, honey,” her husband reassured her. “We can always tidy things up again. Simple enough to fix.”

Journals await her.

Emergency and Disaster Management at Western Carolina University

How to answer: “What’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen?”

EMS Nation’s episode 11 with Fiona Thomas and Ann Marie Farina (iTunes)

Same Episode (not iTunes) 

Eye Movement and Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) 

Tania Glenn

Her coping strategies

“Suicided” versus “committed suicide”

Tracking the number of suicides with Jeff Dill at the Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance

STEMI Imposters

A Beautiful Funeral by Jamie McGuire

Parasite by Mira Grant

CDC’s Zombie Response Guide

Hot Zone and Demon in the Freezer by Richard Preston

How to jimmy open a window

Medic Mindset Episode 2. Fiona references this medic who sighs on tough calls.

Posterior Wall MI EKG changes

“Listen to your patient. He is telling you the diagnosis.” William Osler, MD

Every Patient Tells a Story by Lisa Sanders, MD

Code Green Campaign on:













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