Friends I made while working on the podcast invited me to speak at the following events:


Wisconsin EMS Conference 1/24-1/27, 2018

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I’m excited about this one because in addition to a human factors/cognitive psychology talk, I’ll do a second talk about how to start an EMS podcast.


Metro Atlanta EMS Conference 3/16-3/18, 2018

Atlanta, Georgia

This one is near and dear to my heart because I grew up in Athens, GA. I’m looking forward to meeting medics from my home.


FlightBridgeED Air & Surface Transport Symposium (FAST) 3/20-3/21, 2018

Nashville, Tennessee

The FlightBridge guys will make this symposium amazing. I love the work they do with their podcast so it’s an honor to be invited to speak at their event.



Medic2Medic Podcast

Steven Cohen and I talked about podcasting, teaching and the #partnerproject.


#PartnerProject on CBS-Austin

The local news came out and talked to me and one of my favorite partners about the project.