23. Listening in Color

22. Talking Teaching with Dr. JR Pickett

21. Lifer

20. Stay Curious with Eric Bauer

19. Someone’s Someone with Noah Galloway and Ashley Liebig

18. In the Zone. The Antevy Zone.

17. It’s Tyler

16. When Things Get Wicked

15. The Airway Evangelist 

14. Look Away Kid

13. What a Ride

12. Beauty to Death Ratio

10. Beat the Stress with Michael Lauria

9.2: We all go through this. 

9.1: I wasn’t prepared. 

8. Dr. Tania Glenn, Warrior Healer

7. Strong Work

5. The Strong, Silent Type

4. I never run.

3. The Medic in Pumped-Up Kicks

2: It’s such a weird job

Thinking: Tachycardia

Thinking: Chest Pain

Microsode 2: The Skyline and Cupcakes

Microsode 1: Overlearning